'Why buy something if you can make your own' is a philosophy of mine which is born both out of me being good with my hands, but also the fact that I never seem to have much cash! Having always been a practical kind of person, it comes quite naturally to me to make my own bits and bobs to help me get the best from my astronomy. Below are a few of my ATM (Amateur Telescope Making) projects from past and present, just click the LINK for detailed descriptions.


Observatory Project

Roll-off-Roof Observatory

No more spending ages setting up my equipment, only to see the clouds
come rolling in! - now I just slide open the roof and start observing

10 inch Twin Truss Dobsonian Telescope

A simple to set-up homebuilt twin truss dobsonian

Peltier Cooled DSLR Chamber

A solution to noisy summer DSLR imaging

Telrad Dew Heater

A simple solution to a Telrad dew problem