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Thank You Ade, We're finalizing our build and found yer site. Yer secondary vane is most encouraging, as I've been obsessing over the 180 degree "rule" for a curved vane. But judgin from yer photos we feel free to go full-steam ahead!
Doug Chapman, Chicago, IL, USA

I have stumbled across your site whilst looking for mirror cells for a dobsonian telescope. I looked at the rest of your website and the images are fantastic. I've dabbled with a bog standard webcam but the scope I have at the moment is not up to the task really. Keep up the good work. Many Thanks, Jon
Jon Grady, Cheshire, UK

I found some of your astrophotos at and was very impressed,
so much so that I wanted to find your website and send you some KUDOS!!!
I am a fellow astronomer with an 8" LX90, guidescope and Canon 550D.
I am fairly new to astroimaging so I have a long way to go yet to get your level of results
Keep up the great work, you have a real talent Ade.
Rick Stingle, Seatle, USA

Some wonderful images, great job!
James, Cheshire, UK

Had a browse around your website.  Very impressed with your home made observatory, much nicer than the roll off roofs which are supported by wooden rafters and legs which look a bit unsightly, and the way the roof folds down.  Also impressed by your peltier cooled contraption for your DSLR
Carole Pope, Lon
don, UK

Hi Ade .... Just seen your Saturn+Venus pic, Very nice mate
Paul H, Sheffie
ld, UK

Superb site, truly great images, thanks for showing us
Andy Green, Cambridg
e, UK

I've enjoyed your site - well done! I too enjoy making equipment. For me that is more than 50% of the enjoyment. Long imaging runs on clear skies can be boring - sorry I forgot we're in the UK and that rarely happens ;-)
Nigel B, Cheshire, UK

Fantastic set up. Fantastic website. Fantastic pictures.
Sky at Night mag should do a feature on you to show everyone what amateur astronomers are capable of. Whatever time and money your set-up has cost, it's been well worth it.
Kev J, Bolton Lanc
s, UK

Hi Ade, you've done an amazing job on the site. Well done
Greg Beeke, Warks, UK

Just looking at your site, very nice!
Cybor, Sheffield, UK

I think it's amazing what you've done. I can imagine how much enjoyment it must give you after all the work of setting up and stripping back down you had to do previously. And of course there is always the additional warm glo that comes from using something that you have planned,designed, and built yourself!
John Perkins, Wales, UK

Wow this looks fantastic!!!
Sarah Gallimore, France